Yes, picking the Jodie Foster movie title by my beloved Carl (Sagan. And if anyone ever comes to me and says he is an “ankle biter” I’m going to say “fuck off” because he was a beautiful man, which makes me think of something…)

TOTAL ASIDE: but it has been pissing me off and I need to write about it for a moment.

I saw something on the ‘netz about CS Lewis and Tolkien being part of Team Dark and I seriously felt my heart sink. Really?!?

Okay, so I know Lewis was really big into his Christian faith and Tolkien was a Catholic, but man, that bummed me out reading that. The Chronicles of Narnia saved me as a child, completely gave me something to live for. Those books and ones by Madeleine L’Engle (whom I am 100% convinced was a Lightworker, no doubt in my mind).

I hope that stuff I read was just plain wrong, and if not, that I can get over it quickly!

End of aside.

Okay, the real news of this post is that I believe today I lost my UFO Virginity, at least in my conscious awareness! (Like, I may have seen one before, I just didn’t know what I was looking at. This time, I knew.)

Photo 1

above the trees outside my apartment – click to see original size

I was watching a plane create a chemtrail. The plane was flying at a fairly high altitude from east to west, basically over my apartment. Next thing I saw was this glinty thing.

The crazy thing was I saw one just like it yesterday (Sunday) as I was filming planes and so on out my window, too. But I dismissed it as, uhhh, something glinty hovering around. I saw a bird and a plastic bag caught up in the air later and thought whatever I saw must have been my imagination.

When I saw this one, today, I knew it was not my imagination, and I managed to snap a couple of photos before it disappeared. (I did not actually see it disappear as I was so hung up on taking pics. It was there, hovering, one moment, and the next time I looked, it was gone.)

Zoomed in and edited. Click on pic to make it full-size.

Color-contrasted to show the relative shape of the thing. It was an orb.

I was having a blog comment conversation with blogger Mike at No More Sleeping, whose blog I found at Anne’s site Exopermaculture today. I saw a couple of his photos that were very similar, and seen under similar circumstances. He feels in his case that it was his Pleiadian family checking him out.

I have been wanting to stay neutral, but I got excited thinking that these could be the ones making first contact with me.

Interesting news is that about an hour ago, I had another sighting of a couple of things: an orb, and then what I believe were two fake planes monitoring the area upon its arrival. I was told to go check things out of the window, and when I did, I saw them again. One plane seemed to chase it off, and then a second, triangular “fake plane” (as I have seen them described) flew overhead. Interesting stuff!

I’m keeping my eyes on the skies, my 12D Shield intact and operational, and my discernment on alert!

But I am excited. 🙂

Live long & prosper.


Calliope the Muse