It seemed appropriate to chime in…

… on the day that is a 5-5-5 — May 5, 2012. May = 5, Day 5 = 5, 2+0+1+2 = 5. (Of course I started writing this at about 11:45 at night, so it’s already the 6th as this will post. The intention was there, and it is still the 5th in a lot of places on the planet. 😉 )

If I remember correctly, my numerology “personality number” (the consonants in my birth name) add up to a number 5, too. And my birthday is later this month, the day before the lunar eclipse coming up on the 20th, in fact. And I will be 44. Nice, eh?

I digress.

I have been wanting to write for days now, but between daily living tasks, and traveling, and just being plain exhausted, I have not been able to get a chance to post on all that I am learning.

I have, however, left a couple of comments on the latest Denise LeFay post where she copies in the May Report from Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis.  The comments I wrote there explain where I have been at the past couple of weeks (mostly tired, stressed out from traveling down the rabbit hole and emerging into a new zone of understanding, and coping with people who think, probably justifiably, that I am wigging out).

I have finished reading Karla Turner’s books on alien abduction, Into the Fringe and also Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda, as well as her book with someone named Ted Rice, Masquerade of Angels. (You can find PDF versions of these books for free online. Just Google them. I think I may have linked them into my previous post here as well.)

I have been reading and listening to various sources online about “disclosure” and all that could come in terms of what will be disclosed and when it could happen in regards to government(s) “coming clean” about multidimensional/alien beings.

I have learned about the potential types of alien species present in Earth dealings, and the possible links to the really fringe stuff of the ilk where conspiracy theorists like to tread.

One thing I read that has had a huge impact on me is the June 21, 2004 article found on Barbara Marciniak’s site,, called Emerging from Denial (it’s one of the sample articles from The Pleiadian Times Newsletter). This article comforted me so very much and I appreciated reading it very much. I felt it to be very accurate to my own situation and awakening experience. I was kind of hoping I could do a point-by-point analysis of the things that really connected with me, but the thing is, apparently I am to use the supermoon energy of the Wesak/Buddha moon to try to literally download as much as I can from places online where I have been directed this weekend. The amount of information I’m encountering is staggering, and while I am sure that I am getting a lot of information while I am asleep in the 3D (which was a lot this past week), I also think that those who are leading me down the rabbit hole are wanting me to consciously get this information by more standard 3D means, and this weekend I have had the time to do just that.

I’m watching some interesting videos on YouTube — lots and lots of stuff about disclosure and just how many sightings of unidentified space/aircraft there have been in the past several months, as well as those who are explaining what Lisa Renee speaks of in her May Report, and also along the likes of information presented on David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos site, too.

Here’s the thing.

I DO absolutely feel totally nutty going down this path. I really do. It’s embarrassing. It’s causing tension with my husband and with my two best Lightworker friends to whom I usually tell just about everything. They are having a hugely hard time with the fact that I am getting into the whole UFO/alien thing, and also conspiracy theories. They feel I am treading into areas that may not be valid and/or should just be left alone (“dark thoughts attract dark entities” kinds of belief).

The thing is, I am having a hard time NOT getting into it! I feel a complete shove from my team, my inner guidance system, and my general interest in this area, too — something that has actually been with me since about the age of 8 (interest in UFOs or other like phenomena).

I was, for many years, also an evangelical Christian and the notion of “spiritual warfare” and the stories of the Old Testament which line up with stories about intergalactic beings — Seraphim and Nephilim, yadayadayada  aka Annunaki or whatever — really make a lot of sense to me. It’s a big deal, but it is not such a big deal. It’s the biggest deal for Earthlings, but then I get the sense that I am not an Earthling, and this stuff is kind of old hat — it’s not something to totally get my panties in a wad over. It’s serious, yes, but not exactly earth-shattering. No pun intended. It is what it is, and I am here to help out with the mess and with the smooth transition to something better.

Aside: The whole story of how I was pulled out of that belief system – Christianity — coordinated very nicely with the timeline presented in Barbara Marciniak’s article, by the way. I came out of Christianity in full between summer of 2004 and November of 2005 (after the Venus transit of 2004). My Kundalini Awakening started in October of 2006, and I first touched upon some of the ideas regarding the “Powers that Were” in 2009, before some mighty intense shit went down in March of that year, and which did not really stop until this past transformation that got kicked off on October 28, 2011 and also over the New Year/Epiphany and then the Spring Equinox. Some things in my 3D world settled down only to have the lid blown off on this whole alien business, and now I feel I am operating on a whole different level of understanding altogether, and not really sure if I am liking what I am exposed to, but feeling the need to learn and not be afraid, and proceed forthwith in understanding how to hold my own with these energies. I’m guessing this is what it really means to have the kind of Lightwork Mission I was meant to have, and I am going with it until it becomes obvious that I should leave it alone, if that is indeed what I need to do.

Next up on my agenda: to learn how to use the 12D shield. I first learned about this more than a month ago, and I have yet to try it out, mostly because it feels like a pain in the ass (guided stuff like has a tendency to bore me and makes me antsy — the daily need to do it feels like such a CHORE). BUT, I totally have already had to call upon those beings who are helping to protect me, and we did create a “bubble of light” for me in one encounter I happened to have in a semi-sleep state. We’ll see what happens. Sometimes I am given my own tools to use in situations like these, while the tools of others do inform me and inform how to proceed. I’ll watch the 12D Shield Video entirely and take it from there. I know it is important when doing work in this area to have adequate coverage and protection, and I would be stupid to not invoke some kind of energy suit for this work. It would be like a firefighter going in naked to fight a fire. So I get the need to do something like this. I’m just hoping that my team and inner guidance system can maybe come up with something specially designed for me and how I like to operate.

I have to go to bed. I knew this would happen: I’d get on here and then get on a roll of things to say and write about. But I have to get a little rest and also finish one video I was in the middle of before being drawn to write something here.

Be well, everyone. Hold on to your hats. Shine your shoes for the fat lady (a J.D. Salinger reference which basically means “show up for work and do your best”) and live long and prosper.

Over and out.

Calliope the Muse