Staying Tethered

Tree / Pleiades / Hyades

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On Terra [Gaia] in this fateful hour
I place all Heaven with its power
the sun with its brightness
the snow with its whiteness
the fire with all the strength it hath
the lightning with its rapid wrath
the winds with their swiftness along their path
the sea with its deepness
the rocks with their steepness
the earth with it starkness
all these I place
With God’s [Gaia’s] almighty help and grace
between myself and the powers of darkness.


I have not written since early December as the energies from December forward to Imbolc, on February 1st, have been most incredible, and there have been shifts and changes primarily at the fourth and fifth dimensional levels, but ones that definitely are impacting the third dimensional level. All of this has made it difficult to write here in this space. But today, I was brought back to renew what is here, make some changes to whom I follow, and also to link in some important messages. Mostly I put these posts here for myself, not for others, but if someone finds benefit in what I have linked, the more are blessed.

I have done some major housecleaning here today at Calliope the Muse HQ: removing things no longer of a resonant energy and making a few tweaks here and there, including using a new theme on WordPress.

A little post-Imbolc freshening as we await the vernal equinox, Ostara, on March 20.

Current Energies

I read today’s Oracle Report for February 16 and 17 (there is currently an error written with the dates —  this is the second blog I have read today which has done that! Timeline shifts!). I will copy it here, but be aware that to find it after today’s posting date, you will need to look in the archives for the specific reference that is made.

Saturday February 16 and Sunday February 17

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus
Everyone needs to be fully locked in to your center and grounded to the planet. Picture yourself as a gold or white cylinder of light that can sway and swing, but is completely tethered. Know that you are fully protected and shielded. You may have a shock, surprise, or insight that will take time to understand. You may need to use the skills of an archer to maneuver the energy.

Please join me in visualizing a flock of thousands of owls flying through the sunset sky. It would be even better if you go outside at sunset wherever you are on the planet and picture it.

Please understand the power of this day.

I absolutely and intuitively understand the power of this day.

Barn Owl

Flickr user Brian Scott – photo link here – used under Creative Commons License NC ND 

I woke up with a very strange and tense energy dominating, but since I have come online to read and connect to the sources which are now most resonant for me, I’m feeling tethered, I have my Artemis bow and arrow at the ready, and feel more calm.

There is definitely an edge to the day, however.

A second source which has been very helpful, but which I will not copy here out of deep respect for the author, Karen Bishop, per her request. Karen has been a mountain guide/Sherpa of wisdom to me for just over five years.

In my own words, Karen writes in her post from yesterday, February 15, 2013, that we are on a “transitional bus” not quite yet there, but very much on our way. We are completely disconnected from what is past, uprooted from all that bound us to it, but in a “new, strange, and temporary territory” as we travel on this bus. The energetic symptoms Karen describes very much mirror my own in these past few days, and I find it hard to keep breathing calmly.

Yet the life I am still living in the third dimension is present with me, and like the Sword of Damocles hanging by a single hair of a horse’s tail, as Cicero puts it: “…there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms.” (see Wikipedia link)

I work hard at banishing the fear.

Some things have been progressing very nicely.

On the most excellent side of things, at long last, next week, I see my 7-year-old son for the first time in four years and nine months! This is very long in coming, and part of me expects the axis to tilt with this reunification.

I am still eating, have a place to live, clothes to wear, fresh water to safely drink, people around me who love me, and for these things I am deeply grateful.

My fears are founded — there are a couple of earthly third dimensional things that are deeply pressing, and which, if the following were to happen, would completely go away with a financial collapse of the country and/or world economy. I confess: this collapse, while potentially horrific for humans in the developed world (how can it truly get worse in the undeveloped and war-torn worlds? They at least already know how to negotiate daily chaos), would make all of the problems I have dissolve in an instant. If it were to be known that the US of A, Inc. is an illegal institution, it would invalidate all of the things that have caused me to be in the situation I am in. Et voilà — POOF — it would all become null and void. In the meantime, the thing that is pressing me the most is that I am not at all secure financially. This does not bother me at all personally, necessarily; I have learned to do without. But it is the legal debt I owe that is pressing upon me in this moment, and if I don’t come up with about another $800 in the next week, I will have my driver’s license suspended because of non-payment.

Through the grace of family and friends, I made a payment last December that kept the same from happening back then. The payment stalled the process until now.

I have been applying for jobs left and right, and am meeting with very firmly closed doors on any and all attempts. Strangely so, for in the past, in my old existence, whenever I needed employment, I sent out the vibrational call, something always came along, even if at the last possible moment, and usually through a friend or acquaintance, or a chance meeting or some serendipitous word-of-mouth.

The time is pretty much 11:51. I have just nine minutes, less now, as the clock is ever-ticking, to come up with an earthly plan.

And it is just not happening.

I know this is perhaps what is meant to be right now, and there are still “nine more minutes” — the rest of this week, and really until the 28th, but no longer.

I’m not so worried about having a suspended license in terms of life. I can still get to the store. I can still take a bus to important places, including to a potential job, although not driving would narrow the possibilities significantly.

What concerns me is being able to drive to the appointments to see my son with his reunion therapist — he is 1.5 hours north of my city by car. It seems as if the timing is that just as I have reuntied with him, my ability to drive and see him at the appointments will be stopped. I don’t have anyone who can take me there during the appointment times. Not that I know of, yet. There are no buses that go there, either, except perhaps Greyhound, but that would be very, very complicated for a 50 minute appointment.

I deeply would like this problem solved to stay in touch with my son.

Right now, as well, I put an energetic bubble around this post, around my life. I claim sovereignty as an angelic and god-being embodied on earth, with the abilities to solve this problem and protect this space. Once more, I call upon the powers of Terra in this fateful hour and place the powers of Heaven between myself and the powers of darkness.

I’m ready for the bus to be there, but I think we will be on the road for a little while longer. Maybe just a few more weeks, but I don’t think things will really be in place until later in the year.

But I would dearly like to see a breakthrough in this particular juncture of the bus ride.

On the Road, AZ

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In conjunction with the Karen Bishop post referenced above, there are two more articles that are resonant with similar information and the same frequency. They are the Aisha North post from today, February 16, 2013, and the Gaia Portal post from yesterday, February 15, 2013:

The manuscript of survival – part 269

Today we would like to delve a little deeper into the physical and mental fallout from all of these energetic shifts that are coming your way. We know that for most of  you, these can be more than a little difficult to swallow at times, because they can literally render you unable to do anything at times except exist. (Aisha North and the constant companions)

Restlessness… due to significant Alterations in DNA coding

Restlessness may be a characteristic of current sensations in the 3D body. Specific changes and upgrades to DNA familial patterns requires significant alterations in DNA coding.

These DNA upgrades allow ease of transition out of 3D dysfunctional familial patterns and into Galactic family connections. Such upgrades are necessary for full disclosure process to proceed.

I am feeling the contents of both of these posts so keenly in these past 24 hours. There is much, much more going on with me in my life than I have mentioned here, but these two posts tap into the energy of what is happening, and sum up a great deal of the energetic flow of what is going on with me.

Finally, I will reference the most recent post of Denise LeFay on Transitions.

Post SHIFT: Winter 2013

As many of you know, when I go quiet as I have over these past few weeks, it’s because I’m deep in another important Ascension related transition and I won’t write much until I have lived/embodied enough of it myself and started to get a decent conscious understanding of what’s happened and is still happening. This is just how this Process works for me; I’ve got to live and embody it physically, then review the recent events, my perceptions, issues, insights, visions, and whatever old or new physical and/or emotional aches and pains that I’ve been dealing with — then I’ll write about what I’ve discovered on my own from having lived it.

(click the link above to continue to read the rest of the post)

This is very much what I am doing here. I have not gone completely quiet in my 3D life. I am not living in isolation, but trying to do the best that I can being on this transitional bus, undergoing recoding, trying to keep my shit together on the face of things.

But the deeper inner work that has dominated my life, the “polarity integration” that is my work to do, for the past six years (since October 2006, consciously, but since long before that, too), is intensifying even as I feel myself letting go of this existence in so very many real and tangible ways. I know I am headed towards something very new, and very different. As Karen Bishop writes, there is a new foundation being laid, and soon we can build upon it.

How soon?

How soon is now?

When you say it’s gonna happen now,

Well, when exactly do you mean?

See, I have already waited too long,

And all my hope is…

Thankfully, all my hope is not gone. I know the thing that I must do is stand, and then stand, and then stand again. Perseverance is the ticket on this particular bus ride.

Be well, one and all. If I feel moved again to chronicle the happenings of the Muse, I will.

Calliope the Muse