Confronting Confusion

A follow-up from my previous post based on more information I’ve come into contact with in the past 12 hours or so.

Confronting Confusing Material

When I was reading the comments on Denise LeFay’s site Transitions from the posting on May 4, 2012, I noted that there was some resistance to and confusion with the contents of the particular post. (I’m not going to link it in as I already have one pingback on her comments, and I don’t want to make it seem like I am trying to spam her comments with links to my own posts — just go to the site directly and look for “Lisa Renee’s May 2012 Report” or go to my previous post in which I have linked to Denise’s).


from pamcase

I’m sorry, but Lisa Rene’s articles are way over the top for me. I don’t understand them and they don’t help. I tend to look at all things in my life and ask, ‘does this make me feel better or worse?’ Guess what. I won’t be reading any more of Lisa Renee’s posting. I don’t know how they could make ANYONE feel better. Phew!!

from Jane

These articles give me anxiety because I don’t understand them – it is like reading a scientific paper – the complex language and scenarios..I get to the second or third paragraph and lose interest because it’s not written for my apparently simple brain – therefore I conclude that I must not be ascending…..

thanks Denise for posting – I am probably one of a few who find them hard to read.

I really thought that there was one more comment from a reader who basically wrote that she was “done” with the Lisa Renee articles — that with the May Report, the reader felt it was just too much and was no longer going to read, but going back to the post, I don’t see it now, so perhaps Denise decided to pull that one.

There are currently a couple of more comments that express readers difficulty with the material. In regards to this, Denise left a couple of great responses to commenters pamcase and Jane, as well as Cherie Hebert on that post… Here is the one written to pamcase:

Lisa Renee’s information is for Starseeds and Indigos. Many times much of her (and my) information is NOT for the general public because it is for fellow Starseeds and Indigos here now to transmute and embody energies for the rest of humanity. Because of this some people who read her (or my) articles don’t relate or feel overwhelmed or frightened by the material and/or think she (or I) am “crazy”. The bottom-line is that the information or material is simply not for those people as it’s not their soul work. Just let that sort of material go as it’s not for you nor is it your mission and responsibility. It is however for those of us who are Starseeds and Indigos and that’s why we’re here now. It has nothing to do with feeling better or worse; it’s just about us volunteering to come here and do this energy work is all.

I decided to come back and post again because I indeed watched the entire 12D Shield Building Technique video, but then I re-watched another video that made so much more sense to me this viewing given all the information I have learned since watching it the first time at some point within the past six or so months. It’s the one entitled “Timelines – Energetic Synthesis.”

First of all, like Denise says in her comment to pamcase, Lisa reiterates that there is no value judgement on anyone who does not connect with the information at the video. One only needs to take in that with which the heart resonates, and discard the rest. It’s a typically-heard statement made by people presenting “alternative spirituality” material, but it’s something that has served me well for several years now. Before, when I was an evangelical Christian, I used to swallow whatever was fed to me because I was told it was good for me (I was also in my impressionable 20s); now I know better, and while I still probably fall a little to the side of accepting too much of what I hear or read with too little skepticism (I love having an open mind), I have grown up and now understand it is important to be discerning while one keeps an open mind. I know I have been duped. I know that I have had programs inserted by Team Dark. I know that probably some of the stuff I have been listening to online about aliens and so on may be lies on the part of TD and its agenda (more on that in a moment in the next section). But I also can develop discernment and figure out what to keep and what to throw away.

Second, we all have different jobs and different activation points. Denise pointed this out in the comments of her post, “The devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!” (dated March 27, 2012 — again, I already have one pingback there and don’t want to ping too many times. I know that I linked it in on my own post here — No April Fool).

I’d like to just add that some of the ultra fluffie Starseeds are the way they are because their Ascension mission isn’t the same as other Starseeds who are gifted at getting down in the muck n’ mire to transmute it. All Starseeds aren’t, and don’t need to be, transmuters. Some Starseeds work on other aspects almost entirely; others are in the trenches transmuting and getting attacked for transmuting etc. Every Starseed isn’t a plumber nor is every Starseed a roofer etc. We each have our different work and roles to play in this Ascension Process. Some of us just get a lot dirtier than some of the others is all.

“We all have our different work and roles to play…”

So very true!

So, to confront confusion for those who are feeling “left out” by the Lisa Renee posts and who are just not ready to confront the confusion of the workings of Team Dark, well, it honestly could be there is another mission for those people. Not everyone is meant to muck around in the places that TD lurks. In fact, in some ways it might be preferable to stay out of it. There is NO value judgement on that, either! You have to follow where you feel led. However, if you are someone like me, someone who is likely being activated at this very time to work in this area, then perhaps it is important to consider even that which is difficult. Work with it. Investigate the parts that DO make sense. Dig a little deeper because maybe you, too, are about to go online with working at a new job in these new energies of this year. I’m finally ready and activated to get into this, and I realize that I have been well-prepared for doing just this.

Confronting My Own Confusion

Since I decided to come on board and start a blog on what I call the “Woo Woo” side of life (I already blog about way too many other things in other areas, but this is my first where I am letting my full Freak Flag fly), I have been experiencing so much growth in this area of understanding the role of what Denise calls “Team Dark” aka in some circles as “The Powers that Be” (or “Were” since they are on their way out). (I just checked — of course, I started the blog on April Fools Day, lol. Was it ONLY just over a month ago?! Yikes. Okay, the growth has been out of this world, literally, in terms of speed, then!)

What I am beginning to accept is that while this shit is really dark, confusing, and sometimes puts me in doubt because I am not certain of the source(s) of the information I am garnering, in the end, if I HOLD LOVE, HOLD LIGHT, HOLD THE BALANCE, CLEAR MY EGO ISSUES, I am indeed doing the work, and it does not matter what it is that TD throws at me, you know?

Back to the 12D hield. Wellllllll, okay. Here’s the thing. I think to go through that process each morning and each night feels like a bit much. Not that it does not work, but I’m all for shortcuts and just GOING ONLINE with this stuff. I was pleased to read this comment from Sunny on the May 4 Denise post:

interesting I was going to ask about the 12d shield process and came on to re-read this post and comments. This morning when i got home from work still feeling so drained, i just said, “activate my 12d shield” before going to sleep. So i went to the video and remembered seeing it before. It worked just saying to do it because my higher self already knew what to do.

I’m totally with her. When watching the video the second time, I was reminded that I had already *employed* the 12D Shield and used it on a recent morning or evening — I think it was evening — when I needed to surround myself with protection. I’m hooked into something good, hooked into something protective already, and it is 100% available to me at all times; it is really just that I need to remind myself that it is already there! Even just visualizing the picture in the video and understanding where the energy is grounding from, I know inside that I don’t need to go through all the steps, it is just there. Maybe this is contrary to Lisa Renee’s method, and her team would say that it is better to go through everything step-by-step, but I am pretty sure I don’t need to. I guess the proof is in the pudding, and the next time I need it, we’ll see if the way I understand it works or not.

My life situation is really interesting, and I have spent the past couple of weeks wondering, yet again, how it is that I got to where I am, how it is that I am living out my current story in this particular 3D timeline (and also how it is that I am collapsing the other timelines that Lisa Renee speaks about in her May Report).

  • In 2008, just after turning 40, I moved to, well, I’ll go ahead and put this much “out there”: Europe. It was June 4.
  • I left two children in the United States. At the time, they were 12 and 2 1/2 years old.
  • I had been convinced by what I believed was my higher self that I was reuniting with my Twin Flame for healing and transmutation work, and also in essence to “save him” as he was involved in some critical addictions that were literally killing him at the time. I was told I needed to be present to hold the energetic balance in the relationship. (How co-dependent is that? I have since learned that I needed just as much work as he has needed, and learned it has been unhealthy co-dependence in me that has been driving the boat for too long in my life.)
  • In the subsequent almost-four years, I have suffered through some really tough shit, culminating in the suicide attempt of the man I believe(d?) to be my Twin Flame (and whom I married in September 2011). He drank too much in a binge and OD’d on sedatives and sleeping medication, nearly shutting down his liver. This happened on January 11, 2011 (1-11-11. Get outta here, right?!)
  • Good news is, as of now, he is just about 16 months sober, working a recovery program hard, and things have been calm, if weird in other ways (there are still issues driving things with him and with me in his recovery, and I am in the midst of trying to figure it all out).

When I read up on Eve Lorgen’s “Love Bite” information recently, my first impulse was to think, “Oh FUCK ME. I have been the victim of an alien love bite!!! This was no Twin Flame Reunion! This was TD bullshit programmed into me!”

I mentioned this stuff on a previous post a little bit…

As of today and thinking through these issues for the past couple of weeks (and reading Lisa Renee’s May Report), I had an epiphany that in many ways it does not matter. The real point of my work has been to transmute energy, grow my own vibration, and hold love and light. Have I been doing that no matter the source of the information that took me from my children and planted me in a country thousands of miles from my home? Yes.

So really, it’s moot, right? Whatever the source, whatever the place where my being here came from, I got here. I am here in this timeline. It’s what I do with it at this point that matters, and I have realized that it is all working to the good. I think holding this positive perspective in spite of all the shit is exactly what I need to be doing. Not to negate the possibility that the source of the info bringing me here was an alien manipulation. I do think there was very likely a sinister element that ripped me out of my second marriage and my family life I had established. It could also be the source of that ripping was actually a contract or plan I established long before incarnating (that’s what I have been told since 2006).

In any case, I am on a new track with the 2012 energies, and I know it is mostly to hold love and hold light, no matter what. I’ve known that all along, long before I realized how much alien/extraterrestrial nastiness envelops this planet.

I guess what I am saying is that for me to confront the confusion and fear in my own life and my own situation, the answer is still the same:  be love and be light.

Here’s the description for the Lisa Renee video on Timelines I linked in earlier:

A direct transmission to Starseeds and Indigos about our intrinsic role and genetic purpose on the planet as a Consciousness Shifter. It is our group function and role to override negative agendas being promoted through “Alien Software” using fear, destruction and manipulation. This “alien software” is promoting fear and chaos to create massive confusion in the human population in order to attempt to manifest the negative alien timeline. Align to your inner core spirit, become inner and self directed to discover the Sovereignty and Freedom inherent with your direct relationship to God Source. As a Starseed embodies clarity with its own inner core spirit, the spirit is God Technology returning to the earth. That God Technology is accessed in your body as you develop pure witness and observer consciousness without the judgment of negative ego. The Eternal God Spirit is self organizing, self harmonizing and will bring high frequency to stabilize the environment through your awareness held within the inherent capacity of your Starseed DNA. Focus on your inner reality and declare your intention.

Starseeds : Make your Daily Declaration of Intention to resolve the authority problem between your Ego And God Source.

“My declaration of intention is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my highest power, fully completely and totally. I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free!”

I read those last lines and keep thinking of the Anonymous videos I sometimes see on YouTube and their (in)famous signoff:

“Knowledge is free. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

But I also feel like invoking a similar line to TD — “Humanity is free. We are Starseeds. We are Sovereign. We are Love. We are God. We have already won.”

Here is how to confront the confusion that TD may throw your way (copied from above): “Align to your inner core spirit, become inner and self directed to discover the Sovereignty and Freedom inherent with your direct relationship to God Source.”

It’s like WikiSourced/collaborated info! Freedom. Sovereignty. It’s so simple. No one from TD can get you if you stay out of fear, and stay aligned with the Source.

Okay, maybe more, but it’s hahahaha — I just looked at the clock and it said “5:11.” Nice. It’s time for me to go and to move on to some other things. I think that the intensity of the past 24 hours for me has lightened somewhat and I feel like I can step away from bed and step away from the computer for a little while to go do some 3D stuff for a while. I think I have reached capacity for the moment.

Stay strong.

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Don’t let the bedbugs bite.


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