Holy Cats, We Have Convergence

This is kind of a re-blog, but I wanted to actually compose my own post with it, so I did not simply use the “reblog” button on WordPress. Keep reading to find out which blogs, okay?

I am really getting sick of actually having to type the words out one-by-one and really wish I could just “think at the page” et voilà, the words would appear, but we aren’t there yet, kids, so I have to old-school type this stuff out and it is coming at me too fast to keep up.

Anyone else feel that these days?

Okay, the skinny, in outline form, by date, and with not as much as I really could say about the profundity of much I have felt about things in the past few days:

November 6, with the Mercury Retrograde: I realize that I am experiencing yet another timeline shift. I recognize that time is looping and has been for quite some time now. I do see the “glitches in the Matrix” all the time; it’s one reason I realized I am a “timeline worker” (see previous post about that on this blog – not going to look it up right this moment to link it in, but I have, what, like FIVE posts here or something? Should not be too hard to find on your own. Just sayin’. 😉 ).

November 7, my littlest son’s 7th birthday. His numbers are significant: 11-7-2005. Not only was it his “golden birthday” and I had to miss it, I now realize the degree and extent the archon/ankle-biters are interfering in the process of reunification. Yesterday I realized just how much, and how it is going to be up to me to “hack the Matrix” on this one, I just don’t know how, yet. Emphasis on “yet”.

November 9, did significant clean-up work, both physical and Lightwork (not going to get into it here, but it was intense, lemme tell ya) for an alcoholic woman (getting to the end-stages with her disease) in the building next to mine. It was clearly an “as below, so above” situation (yes, reversing that on purpose). Please see Denise Le Fay’s post and a huge nod to the part about the poop in the post “Two Lightbeings Helping Two Starseeds” to get some insight on what I am talking about. Big-time convergence for me with what she writes about in that post. The veils are thinning for me, baby, and I am seeing with my inner eyes all KINDS of interesting stuff.

It really is like suddenly being able to read the green streaming symbols on the screen as the folks did in “The Matrix”, too. (By the way, I have to get out to see “Cloud Atlas.” I heard the best interview on the podcast The Nerdist by the directors of the movie, Lana and Andy Wachowski and Tom Twyker. It was Lana and Andy who created the world of “The Matrix” for the screen. Lana is awakened, for certain. Yes, she used to be “Larry.” She is amazing.)

November 10, a day when I wake up knowing I have been away while sleeping, working on my timelines. I have flashes of memory upon waking of the other timelines I am in, and know that I am absolutely knitting timelines together. I am given an insight about my youngest child as I wake up. After I awaken, I read the Oracle Report for the day (See Saturday November 10 & Sunday November 11 in the archives) and I know that I am supposed to take some kind of action in regards to my kiddo very soon. Working on it.

November 11, a day to remember. Several synchronicites occur. My sense of being a timeline worker is heightened to the point that I am seeing the convergence of timelines practically unfolding before me! It’s totally weird: I am seeing anomalies, and often literal physical OBJECTS show up from the past, ones that have been “missing” or mislaid for several years and they are back in my sphere of the node I am working in now (they just appear before me, tucked away in cabinets, in the possession of other people, and I get them back… This has been happening consistently since I got back to my hometown from the E.U. in August). This happens a lot with finding mail — actual letters, that my first ex stuck in piles of junk he has kept, and I wind up cleaning up. A couple of months ago, I found mail of mine from 2001 (lol, no kidding). This past week, I found mail from 2008. When I find these objects, my memories go back to the time and place I was when I got the mail, and it brings up issues for healing. I also recognize the ways in which time is looping, over and over, in my own personal narrative. Now that I am savvy to it, I am learning to negotiate the loops.

I read a couple of very synchronous posts today, but this one takes the convergence cake:

From the Gaia Portal, November 11, 2012:

Multiple Event Convergence as Gaia Releases

Multiple simultaneous portal openings occur at the 11-11. Such are aligned to initiate events intended to occur on separate timelines. However Gaia has requested convergence of all timelines as she releases past timeline structures and codes.

As of the 11-11-12 11:11, new Sol codes were transmitted into and throughout Gaia and all inhabitants. Codes to soften hardened one’s [sic — “ones”], soften ancient paradigm structures, for release.

Sol has engaged each and every human on this planet and will not release until decision point of 12-12-12. All receive these new codes, and soon will understand.

Old paradigms, timelines, and ancient structures have cracked, and dissolve with the new codes embedded in Gaia. This will continue until the 12-21-12.


end of transmission

Holy cats. Holy holy cats, people! Seriously, I sat at 11:11 this morning for the entire minute, feeling my seventh chakra tingle with the transmission, no kidding. I’m not making this shit up. Not a channeler, not anyone who is in this for fame or recognition (god/dess, hell no, I do not want that at all), I really have no other agenda except to prove to myself that I am not a total nutjob and that this stuff is REAL. I felt and received the download, for sure.

So, okay, there you go. I wrote this more for me than for you because it has been a while since I have had this many things converge one upon another and all pointing to exactly who it is that I am and what the hell I am doing here.

My name is K___ in one world, Calliope the Muse in another, and a dozen other names in other worlds, too, and I am a timeline hacker.

Imagine something like Trinity in her kickass leathers and sunglasses, but instead of guns I have giant middle fingers pointed at TPTB, frakkin’ ankle-biters, and I am “gunning” them down with a giant wad of “fuck you” and a whole lot of “get into the light or get extinguished by it” cojones. Moxie. Chutzpah. Pick your adjective of choice. And to all y’all ankle-biters, it’s your choice on whether you get in or get put out.