Here We Go

We’re about seven hours away from the re-boot.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, please see here. (I may eventually pay for the upgrade to be able to embed videos, but for now I am a cheapskate and you’re just going to have to go check it out on YouTube. 🙂 )

Oh man, I wish I had all the time and brainpower to be able to sit and coherently describe what has been going on with me!! It has been an amazing couple of weeks with the amounts and kinds of information I have been receiving.

I am discovering tons on YouTube, and also via the 2012Portal and its commenters, related sites, etc. I am finding my place and receiving instructions.

I am also aware that I have been taking nighttime journeys for a long time now!

Here’s one thing I can’t get off my mind.

Last year, I had a very vivid “dream.” I really wish I could remember when it was that it happened! I know it was in 2011, but not even sure what time of year it was. All I know is that my “team” keeps reminding me about it and wants me to write about it now.

I was on board a kind of aircraft, and I remember looking outside of a window, and seeing space and stars. I have recollections of flying on board this craft. With the kind of reading I have been doing, I am recognizing that this was no dream at all, I was really on board that craft.

My inner voice/team guide keeps telling me it’s a Pleiadian craft (although, it seems like everyone and their brother in the woo-woo community insists they are Pleiadian, and there are some pretty weird things coming out of alleged Pleiadians’, uhhhh, “mouths” — “minds” is a better word).

But they insist.

As for tonight’s meditation… If you don’t know what to do, you can go here:

Grid Reboot Visualization

or here

Reboot of the Grid

Find your time and place to be!

Apparently, I am going to be “on-board” wherever it is that I have been going when I am asleep. I guess it is the ship I was on before (ergo the non-stop visualization I’m being given of what happened last year in the “dream”). I was willing to set my alarm for 3:30 am (well, mostly, lol). But I am told that if I am needed to do the visualization, they will wake me up and I will do it. But there is some urgency in the idea that I am needed elsewhere, so I am not going to worry about doing it in the physical 3D. I have a feeling I will be in 5D tonight and working from there.

Jeebus B. Jones. Seriously. Every time I type this shit, I keep thinking about that hat. There are actually online instructions, did you know that?

Make Me a Tinfoil Hat

Hee hee hee hee.

The saving grace in this is that I have to say my team is HILARIOUS. They are so joyful! They crack me up, and the happiness that I feel from them that I am waking up just makes me beam. It’s one way I know that there is something to this all. The sheer hilarity of it is truly buoyant!

Okay, y’all. Places. You know what to do, so go and do it, right-o?


Calliope the Muse