Yes, picking the Jodie Foster movie title by my beloved Carl (Sagan. And if anyone ever comes to me and says he is an “ankle biter” I’m going to say “fuck off” because he was a beautiful man, which makes me think of something…)

TOTAL ASIDE: but it has been pissing me off and I need to write about it for a moment.

I saw something on the ‘netz about CS Lewis and Tolkien being part of Team Dark and I seriously felt my heart sink. Really?!?

Okay, so I know Lewis was really big into his Christian faith and Tolkien was a Catholic, but man, that bummed me out reading that. The Chronicles of Narnia saved me as a child, completely gave me something to live for. Those books and ones by Madeleine L’Engle (whom I am 100% convinced was a Lightworker, no doubt in my mind).

I hope that stuff I read was just plain wrong, and if not, that I can get over it quickly!

End of aside.

Okay, the real news of this post is that I believe today I lost my UFO Virginity, at least in my conscious awareness! (Like, I may have seen one before, I just didn’t know what I was looking at. This time, I knew.)

Photo 1

above the trees outside my apartment – click to see original size

I was watching a plane create a chemtrail. The plane was flying at a fairly high altitude from east to west, basically over my apartment. Next thing I saw was this glinty thing.

The crazy thing was I saw one just like it yesterday (Sunday) as I was filming planes and so on out my window, too. But I dismissed it as, uhhh, something glinty hovering around. I saw a bird and a plastic bag caught up in the air later and thought whatever I saw must have been my imagination.

When I saw this one, today, I knew it was not my imagination, and I managed to snap a couple of photos before it disappeared. (I did not actually see it disappear as I was so hung up on taking pics. It was there, hovering, one moment, and the next time I looked, it was gone.)

Zoomed in and edited. Click on pic to make it full-size.

Color-contrasted to show the relative shape of the thing. It was an orb.

I was having a blog comment conversation with blogger Mike at No More Sleeping, whose blog I found at Anne’s site Exopermaculture today. I saw a couple of his photos that were very similar, and seen under similar circumstances. He feels in his case that it was his Pleiadian family checking him out.

I have been wanting to stay neutral, but I got excited thinking that these could be the ones making first contact with me.

Interesting news is that about an hour ago, I had another sighting of a couple of things: an orb, and then what I believe were two fake planes monitoring the area upon its arrival. I was told to go check things out of the window, and when I did, I saw them again. One plane seemed to chase it off, and then a second, triangular “fake plane” (as I have seen them described) flew overhead. Interesting stuff!

I’m keeping my eyes on the skies, my 12D Shield intact and operational, and my discernment on alert!

But I am excited. πŸ™‚

Live long & prosper.


Calliope the Muse


16 thoughts on “Contact

  1. some people report seeing those orbs or ufo type thingys when chemtrails are being sprayed…some say they are making the chemtrails inert…..they fight them, which could also explain the second one. ….or the two fake planes….which is something I commented on earlier, not yet published, in response to a chemtrail remark on Denise’s site. πŸ˜€ basically what I said is that the chemtrails themselves are being sprayed by ‘strange type objects’.

    1. Hi Lady!

      Thanks for reading.

      Yes, Mike was saying he believed the orbs are flying to make the trails inert, and another YouTube videographer of this kind of stuff in my area has caught orbs flying in the trails not far from where I am. So I understand they have some kind of role in the chemtrails, hopefully a positive one.

      I have seen other YouTube videos, ones I trust, with a kind of morphing of orbs into planes and vice-versa. I think that possibly the second plane I saw after the first one appeared to chase off the orb could have been the orb as a morphed plane. Not sure who was who, but I am getting the sense the orbs are Team Light, and the telepathy in my head keeps confirming and nodding about this.

      I’m trying to be discerning and not get too invested one way or another without some continued confirmation (which I am told I will get), but I am happy that the orb showed up. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

  2. Calliope,

    Most definitely space craft. I’ll dig up more photos that I have and post them on my blog for comparison.

    As for Carl Sagan, what I have to say about him would require a book’s length post.

    I’ve read every book he wrote. Every single one.

    I was a Saganite for many, many years.

    He was larger than life for me; a true hero.

    That’s why the truth about him crushed me when I found out.

    He and I will be discussing this when I get to the other side.

    ‘Nuff said…


    1. Hi Mike! So sorry that it took me a while to approve the comment. Time difference, and I was away from the computer most of the day.

      Oh bummer about Sagan! Poop. Well, I still have gratitude no matter what for he showed me many things and woke me up to a lot when I was just a kid. Maybe it is a bit like what I wrote about CS Lewis and Tolkien up there. Alas. Maybe, maybe not. I will still hold neutrality about it all as I think that’s how I want to be empowered through this! πŸ˜‰

      So yeah, I was pretty sure about what I saw and have had some, uhhhhhhh, confirmation about it! You know, of the telepathic & knowing kind. Again, still claiming neutrality about it until I can sort through with discernment about the whole thing.

      I’m glad to have popped my cherry with one, though. It gives credence to the solidity of the boat I’m on, lol. The crazy boat, haha!!

      Thanks for coming by, and thanks for sharing your knowledge!

      Calliope the Muse

  3. what is the ”bummer” about Sagan? and what does this mean ” That’s why the truth about him crushed me when I found out.”. Just curious. And Calliope, you are welcome!

  4. Lady,

    Well, Carl Sagan wasn’t who he seemed to be. Granted, he was telegenic and one of the most well-spoken and well-written people I’ve ever come across, but his personal life was not something to be proud of.

    I’m not in the business of judging people, all of us have to give that up, but if you did some deep research into his life, you would probably think, as I do, that he made some painful choices.

    His books espoused logic, intelligence and science and completely disregarded spirituality in any way. He even got embroiled in a heated argument with his daughter and loudly proclaimed to her that souls do not exist.

    He knew that UFOs are real. He admitted this to another physicist, who wrote about their conversation.

    Even with the knowledge that we are not alone and that we are truly a stelan family, he chose to argue the exact opposite position in his books and writings.

    He was a liar extraordinaire. He was frequently briefed by the military. He used his massive intellect to deceive humanity. I believe he was under mind control.

    He viciously attacked anyone who claimed they had been abducted by ETs. He dedicated an entire chapter to this angry discourse in his last book.

    Think of the movie “Contact” that Calliope mentions. What happens in that movie? We make contact with ETs through a data transmission, build a device to visit them and then what is Jodie told by her father at the end?

    “Baby steps, my child. Humanity must take baby steps into the universe.”

    Sagan knew that our universe is teeming with intelligent life and that this life had traveled to countless galaxies. He knew that we didn’t need “baby steps” to enjoy our Creator-given universe because so many other civilizations had already done so.

    With that in mind, imagine Sagan supervising the creation and production of his movie. What kind of person would be able to do that? Not only to lie, but to lie to the thousands of people who watched his movie.

    What were his motives to lie to us? He knew the truth but fought against it. Why?

    I’m like a lot of other people who became immensely disappointed with Sagan after awakening.

    As far as I’m concerned, his life’s work is a failure.


    1. oh that….yes, I heard about that ….a walking contradiction you could say he was, a liar, or mind controlled as you say. I can’t get into these much anymore there are far too many. He ”had” to (for reasons we can only guess) keep the current popular distorted prehistoric nonsense science as it is taught all over the world, consistent…inclusive of ”espoused logic, intelligence and science and completely disregarded spirituality in any way”… but he did know otherwise. Thanks for your answer.

      1. To Mike & Lady and anyone else reading:

        From Mike’s comment: As far as I’m concerned, his life’s work is a failure.

        Well, given the criteria up there, I have a giant red LOSER with all caps embedded on my forehead! LOL! Heh. Walking the human path is not an easy one. And there is plenty I have experienced. To some, I’m sure I would seem like the wishy-washiest waffler on the planet — I have been through so many varied experiences and not all of them pretty, either.

        Here’s an idea I have been encountering a lot, and something I am really learning to be careful about. There is plenty of good info that can come out of/in and through disinfo and plenty of disinfo that is in allegedly good info. Seems ain’t always IS and vice versa. Sometimes you have to look between the lines to see what *isn’t* there to notice what *is* — right?

        I know that when I was 12 and watching “Cosmos” that Carl Sagan was instrumental in awakening me to one of the many stairsteps up which I have had to climb in this overall ascension process. What he did for me at that age — or what it was that he presented, that he got on TV and millions to watch — changed me, and changed me for the better. For that I have *immense* gratitude. He may have been complicated/mind controlled/resistant to truth/contradictory, but you know, honestly, WHO ISN’T? I know I sure the hell have changed how I view the whole ET thing in the past few months, and that is a *light years* change from where I was 15 years ago! And I am sure that I still have plenty of mind controls going on inside of me. After all, I am still in a body at the moment, and that, by definition, means that I am still existing in this 3D matrix (patrix, whatever). As long as that is the case, then I am being controlled, too. Now that I am savvy to it, I am working my way out of it, bit by bit, but the job of transmuting all that is not done yet, else the fat lady would have sung on the opera of my life & I would not be typing this right now. πŸ˜‰ The job is not over until it is over.

        I thought that in 2006, my Kundalini awakening was THE awakening, only to be confronted with this year and the crazy turn it has taken for me. I’m kind of expecting, at this point, for my mind to be blown further, and who knows? Maybe I will be in the position of having presented disinfo here! We can only work with where we are at. I never thought Sagan a saint or an Ascended Master, only a super cool human being. And I still feel that, faults and all. Watching one of those segments or episodes from “Cosmos” can really get my vibe up, and not even thinking about this information changes that.

        I have been doing my spiritual work for a very long time, just as I know all the rest of you Lightworkers have been doing. So I’m sure all of you know as well as I do that we dwell in a world that has a lot of gray. So for me to go to a polarized place with the idea that “Carl is ALL bad because of the things he said that weren’t truth!” — that in “logical fallacy” speak (as I’m sure you guys know) is called a “false dilemma”. “If Carl’s not FOR us, then he is AGAINST us!”

        Yeah, to me that is not a heart-awakened idea, so I can’t go there. I think that’s how I am feeling about the others I mentioned up there, too, as of today with some stuff I had been reading.

        I have an insight about this (like Lady up there):
        “What were his motives to lie to us? He knew the truth but fought against it. Why?”

        I don’t know. Maybe he had some damn good reasons. Maybe Ann Druyan and his kids with her were being threatened. Maybe he wanted to say something and was heartily convinced not to in this way. I mean, he did die from a very terrible form of cancer that required three bone marrow transplants (painful!!!). Maybe he just *couldn’t* shift his brain away from a purely scientific skeptic. Maybe, ultimately, he was lying to himself and therefore lied to others. Maybe (hopefully) he figured a few things out while dying from cancer. I’m not even going to pretend to know what was contained in his heart as he was dying. I don’t have the right to do that. You know, he, too, was God, sovereign and free — he perhaps just did not know that at the time he made some of his choices: good, bad, and ugly. There was a time when I did not know that, either.

        I just know this: he gave me a lot, and I am totally grateful for all of it. He may have been in cahoots with the government cover-up with everything, but does that make him any less in need of love from the source of all that is? Does that make him any less a hero for me? Nope.

        I was thinking about this stuff a lot (as you can see) and I am beginning to see that it really does not matter if Reptilians/government/Illuminati/whatever are controlling everything: Love always wins. Staying connected to Source always wins. To believe in the construct of good versus evil is a 3D manufacture, and so I vilify none of them — they are, in fact, a part of the universal construct, too. Do I believe this stuff exists? Yes. Do I think it is shitty? Yes. Am I going to let that be the controlling factor for what happens in my heart and mind? No way.

        Sagan was faulty. So am I. So I will leave it there and continue to have gratitude for what he gave to me. Just my opinion. (But it is my blog, hahaha! πŸ˜€ I have the right to express it here, just as others have a right to their opinions, too. Opinions and assholes. Everybody’s got one, hahahaha! πŸ˜‰ )


  5. P.S. I just started reading this; it was linked at the 2012Portal most recent post in comments:

    It says this here on pages 11-12:

    Polarity System (PS) – This is a sub-node of DSIND designed to create polarities in the HMS and thus create friction between the polarities, and from this friction manifest discord and disharmony. If you exist in HMS (and you do), then you exist in polarity. It is truly that simple. Polarity is what activates and feeds the HMS. It is the β€œfood” of HMS because in polarity the human instrument is lost in separation, which is precisely the point of HMS as intended by its designers.

    This is corroborating what I just read here from the site — it is in this fantastic PDF “Galactic Handbook & Synchronized Meditations 2012-2013.”

    You can download it from this page:

    It also fits with the Lisa Renee stuff I follow.

    The point of this is: we’re all in this together. Sagan, all the powers that WERE (claiming that one now), etc. If one is in the Human Mind System, then we are susceptible, period. The only way out is through, and doing the work, and awakening to each and every step we walk. It becomes a way of thinking and being, and upwards we move to 5D and beyond!

    So, if my above comment feeds the polarity, I humbly apologize. I was indeed trying NOT to feed the polarity, but that is a mighty hard thing to do in this human suit, lol.

    Here’s to the end of 3D for Planet Earth, and a movement to 5D and beyond!

    So mote it be!

  6. You’re not a famous person who is influencing thousands of others with your ideas, books and TV programs, are you?

    Sagan was.

    He lied and he knew he was lying. Do you do that?

    If in fact he was under pressure, the solution is simple: just shut up and stop lying to everyone.

    Read about what he did to his second wife.

    You’re right, Calliope, judgement of anyone has to go away. Maybe my comment that his life’s work is a failure is harsh, but it’s just the way I feel.

    He made painful choices which included deceiving his fellow man.

    Yes, we all have done that. All of us have been heroes and villains.

    And that is precisely why I wish to speak with him; to find out why he chose such a role in this crazy game we’re playing. What was his soul’s desire to reap from living a bipolar life.

    From what he will tell me, I will learn.

    1. From what he will tell me, I will learn.

      Indeed! We’re always learning from what’s around us and our reactions to things, people, events, etc. huh. I just learned more from that interview I commented on earlier, and the head-spinning commences once again, heh.

      What a wild ride this year is so far…

      I hope one day you will have an opportunity to know more, Mike, and if not, then it will be under circumstances in which it won’t matter anymore!! πŸ˜‰


  7. Calliope,Muse…
    I love your blog…what you wrote about c.s.lewis and tolkein is mind blowing…but my first thought is that this is typical team dark propaganda……team dark writers never resonate well with light workers… trust your instincts i always say….because one can never believe what one hears and reads about others…If they don’t resonate well with you, stay away from their writing/energies because they are most likely toxic!!!!

    Peace be with you!

    1. Hi Ellie! Thanks for coming to read my blog, too. πŸ™‚

      If they don’t resonate well with you, stay away from their writing/energies because they are most likely toxic!!!!

      Very true, and very good advice in general! Lately, I have been taken to many sites by my team as we are in the “Testing with Discernment” process, and so I have to practice encountering things that are BS in order to sort out for myself what is what. Every morning, I am woken up by the team to go through the 12-D Shield from the Energetic Synthesis (Lisa Renee) site, and then spend the day encountering much stuff. If it rings a bell, I tuck it away into the bank of Light/Knowledge, and actually do the same thing with some of the other sites, too — there is often good info in the disinfo! It is very hard for Team Dark to be creative, so they use existing truths and distort them to their own ends.

      Yeah, the Lewis and Tolkien stuff is kind of a bummer, but as you say, perhaps just disinfo/toxicity. It can be a chore to sort it all out. My inner guidance has continued to say about them “Lightworkers!” but of course they may have been duped by some of the mind control systems present in their day. And they were part of a culture and university program that was surrounded by TD and their ilk. So perhaps a little of the truth in the toxic. But my sense is that they were writing from a perspective and paradigm of a lot more Light than dark, for sure.

      Oh, writing this comment makes me realize I really should post more here, lol!!! SO MUCH going on, it’s one reason I have not done so sooner! But I should really think about it.

      I’ll see what I can do. πŸ™‚
      Thanks again, Ellie!
      Calliope the Muse

      1. Hi Calliope….Just saw your reply….the discernment process is much greater than we realize! It is tremendous actually, because if done carefully it can bust any dark buzzing !

        I look forward to reading your posts !!!!

        Love. El

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