“With all the darkness and all the blackness and all that bullshit that exists out there, there is hope.”

Quote from Robert O. Dean, Command Sergeant Major, Ret. (source)

I am watching the video as I type this brief post, but I read through the entire transcript and I loved what Bob Dean had to say in his portions, especially the quote for the title of this post, as well as this quote:

But that crap has got to cease, and I have had the opportunity to meet guys from the higher level, who said: ‘We’re not going to allow that to happen anymore. We’re going to give you a chance to make it.’

And the only reason I’m hopeful — and I told you this privately earlier — is that I have seen the future, and there is a future for the human race and it’s beautiful.

I discovered Project Camelot three years ago, but pretty much stopped reading and viewing videos from mid 2009-2011. But I found myself back on the site today and really and truly appreciated these two men, Bob Dean and Cliff Stone, who shared information about what is really going on with the planet today in regards to those who have been running things for millennia.

These guys are so special. I can feel the good and true energy oozing off of them while I watch them and hear them on video. I keep tearing up as I am listening to their voices and taking peeks at the video as I type. Thank you so much, Bob and Cliff, for speaking the truth and for compassionately and intelligently sharing.  I would love more than anything to give each of them a huge hug. 🙂

Skim the transcript if you have little time to watch the video at the moment, but DO go to watch the video at some point if you can. These two are special men and seeing them and feeling their words is so important. They are not going to be with us on this planet for very much longer (due to their age — they are both in their 80s, or at least Bob is. Cliff may still be in his 70s).

Pay particular attention to Bob’s story at 0:16:10 where he talks about going Home.

I also appreciated what Bob said in particular as the things he has been told corroborates what I am understanding will come to pass.

Cliff’s spirit is also such a sweet, wonderful one. 🙂

I know. This stuff is a hard pill to swallow. It’s not an easy thing for me to begin to accept, either, but yeah, I am, for the moment, getting in this boat. Bob and Cliff help were a cup of cool water to help me swallow that pill today, and I am grateful to them.

Over and out.

Calliope the Muse