Eating Crow Pie

eating crow
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So, in my most recent post a few days ago, I wrote the following:

I have heard nothing since, and as I know he is now engaged (he’s not written this, but I saw a ring on his KS*’s finger and she posts wedding stuff all the time on Pinterest), I don’t expect to hear anything at all any time soon. I am, on the surface of things, a persona non grata in his eyes. (emphasis added)

Well, I heard from the TF. I am not a persona non grata. *eating crow pie*

Here’s how it happened.

The TF has left his post overseas to go to another one. It appears through data I saw from social media that it was not voluntary, but that he was “let go” of one position and is either accepting another, or is in transition to coming back to the U.S. As a result, he is active on Facebook and Messenger because of his new location.

I saw he was on Facebook yesterday, and received a clear and strong direction to message him “NOW” and I recognized the direction of my Soul in it. So, I reached out on Facebook with a small and friendly message on Messenger, and it was received very well and very kindly. It was a brief exchange, but satisfactory, respectful, and kind. I felt like it was a bit of (maybe a *lot* of) a sign that I have been doing my work. I’m actually in a bit of disbelief about it, still (“Did that even happen?!”). I even had a dream the night before this happened about him (where he walked off on me in a situation, lol — had to laugh at that). Anyway. It is more “chop wood, carry water” as my job situation is in tatters (it is interesting that his is changing right now, too).

I know have a lot more work to do. I know I need to continue to let go of the outcome. I am doing that to the best of my ability. But what was so cool was to see the evidence that the hard work *does* pay off, letting go *does* pay off, and walking the tightrope of surrendering the outcome but connecting through the heart *does* work. I’m beginning to think there is something to this eclipse dealio that is happening today, too 😉 (I’m saying that a little tongue-in-cheek. Last year’s Blood Moon eclipse was a doozy. It’s when my TF and his KS got together). I’ve gone back into “Surrender Mode” (I know that is the best place to be), but my whole being is saying, “Huh. Whaddaya know?”

KEEP DOING THE WORK. As they say in AA, “It works if you work it.” Yup.

I will keep you posted. Only forward.

*KS = karmic soulmate