Get prepared with your cosmic Kleenex…

… the cosmic sneeze is coming! Or maybe we could call it the “Galactic Central Sun Orgasm.” That actually fits what I am seeing and feeling, and just like a buildup to the climax, I am feeling the signs we are going to experience it “soon.”

But first, check out these great images here.

I’m going to share a couple here.

Original Image Source, The Guardian, Jan. 18, 2013. Photograph: Hubble Space telescope/NASA/ESA. Go to the page for the full caption.

I’m having an interesting morning. Yesterday I got a huge download of information that I felt was given in this time, just after the energy push from the September 1st New Moon and solar eclipse. I, and others, feel that it opened the “third wave” of awakening flow of energy to the planet, which I have visualized and seen as initial particles of light streaming our way since April of this year, but which is now a steady and large stream, kind of like a galactic fire hose, blasting our way.

It’s color is like this photo from the same source as above:

Original image source, The Guardian, Jan. 18, 2013. Photograph: XMM-Newton/ESA

But the light is a solid “tube” streaming our way, like a giant spotlight lighting up the sky, and also more opaque and white-light, as in the first image above. If you could combine the photos and picture a stream just like from a fire hose, but large, enveloping the planet, that is what I see.

Since April — probably around the last week — I have been seeing a combination of numbers with 19 in them. First, I was seeing 5/19 and 5:19. This is my birthday, so I wondered if there would be some kind of auspicious event that day. It turns out there may have been a major timeline shift to the primary Ascension timeline on that day. There are a couple of people I follow (one of whom is spurious, but I get some indication from some of the things she posts. I’m not going to name her here as I really don’t often resonate with her negative assessment of the “status quo” and I suspect her “sources”) who seem to feel this was the case around that time and on that specific day.

I also thought I might get a “Happy Birthday” from my twin, but it was the first year in six years that he did not message me on my birthday. It was quite a contrast from the prior years.

The odd thing is that I have kept seeing 19 since that time. It’s been happening a lot at 4:19, with the price of gas all over town being $2.19 for a few weeks at some stations I pass by, and also in other circumstances. The 19 has become as ubiquitous as the 11:11 in my life along with :44 past the hour and 444. (It’s 7:22 as I type that, lol. I see the 2’s a lot, also.)

kitty sneeze
The most original source I could find (it’s all over Pinterest and Tumblr as re-pins and blogs) is here.

I have been following 2012Portal since April of 2012. This is one of the first places I first heard of what was coming as “The Event” but it was really good folk like Denise LeFay, whose blog Transitions I started reading in 2007 (she posts frequently at High Heart Life as well), and her introduction to Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis that led to my “second awakening” in late 2011 (around the 11/11/11), and is why I started this blog. You can go back to the original posts here to see that trajectory.

One reason I am back posting here is because of all the developments in my Twin Flame journey and the simple fact that my higher guidance wants me to. Well, my Twin Flame tale and The Event have now converged, and I wanted to report what I have seen.

Whenever I have given thought to “The Event” I have sensed certain things. At this point, I am not going to explain much of what it is. I’d say “Google It” because there is a lot of decent information online about it, but I do feel that much of what Cobra writes at 2012Portal is spot on with it. There are others I trust as sources, too, but he’s been the most succinct as far as the actual events that are to surround The Event — the complete reset of the planet after we receive a divinely-timed and Source-driven blast from the Galactic Central Sun.

I have envisioned the Cosmic Sneeze as the same kind of light I am seeing in the “tube / fire hose” of light that is streaming over the planet now, but like the flash of a nuclear explosion, only constructive and full of love instead of destructive and full of hate. It has the quality of an EMP pulse as well — the kind that can disrupt electronics.

Whenever I envision this happening, I have usually been on the campus of my university in a time frame where the weather is fairly nice. I have seen in my mind’s eye where I am when it happens. There’s a particular location I have seen myself as it happens.

I understand that after the “sneeze” all life will transform, and that Disclosure will occur about our galactic neighbors, about 9/11 and who really caused it, about the cabal and the Italianate families who control all the money on the planet…

And this is where we get to my twin.

I’ll show you something he pinned on Pinterest:

2nd amendment
The image shared on Pinterest links back to this Facebook group – Sons & Sisters of the 2nd

Just to counterbalance this image really quickly, I am going to post this one that popped up on my Pinterest as I was searching for the above one:

karina moreira mother earth
I cannot find the original source of this artwork, which is all over Pinterest. The captions there say, Earth Mother Goddess Gaia by Karina Moreira.

I am going to try to speed through the rest of this as I have an appointment to be to, but it is important that I write my thoughts as I am channeling them through quickly. Mercury Retrograde makes this hard, lol.

Basically, these two images demonstrate my twin and me. He is working overseas in a military capacity (as a contractor) . He is anti-Muslim, pro-gun, a self-defined patriot, etc. etc. I hope you can intuit this kind of person.

He posted yesterday about how we should never forget 9/11, and how too many have forgotten why we still have men and women overseas in Central Asia and the Middle East. I think he is doing this because he is trying to bolster his reasons for his transfer to a less-desirable location. Think: sand, camel spiders, tan color everywhere, very hot, allied country. I don’t feel comfortable giving too many details here. A person has to have some hefty belief to voluntarily be somewhere like that, regardless of pay. He romanticizes military life and the military personality. He idolizes redneck America, bikes, bacon, boobs, guns… We could not be more diametrically-opposed personalities in ego, but hey, whaddaya know, apparently we share a soul. It is what it is.

I have for years in my twin flame tale known about the “shakubuku.” I posted about it a couple of entries ago here.

After my twin posted the business about 9/11, my higher guidance team said to me, “That is part of the shakubuku — full disclosure about what 9/11 really was and who really did it.”

I realized indeed that YES, everything my twin has been about will be called into question — all of his beliefs and choices and current job. I realized that with the release of this information, it would indeed be like the Tower card in the Tarot! Perhaps he does not need to have an NDE to question everything and get information that I am the twin, it may be that his whole entire psyche is *rocked* because of all the truths that will out in the apocalypse of information that will flow our way after the sneeze.

Also from The Guardiansame article as cited above. Photo: Hubble Space Telescope/NASA/ESA.

I felt this all so deeply inside, and understood what is happening with this Third Wave of awakening. My twin is going to wake up. See, I am a part of the accelerated Indigo 3 contract of Ascension as a Blue Ray Illumined Twin. Even I don’t know all that those words mean, lol, I just know that they ARE. If I am one of those, then so is my twin, and I know somewhere in me that he is to awaken very soon because of this contract. It may extend well past March of 2017, but I do not think so. Based on my visions of the weather when the galactic blast reaches us, it’s got to be either fall or spring. I see green leaves when I envision it, so it has to be before the leaves turn (as in, imminently) or it will be next spring, when the leaves return after falling and being bare for the winter.

I don’t know.

I messaged a Soul SisStar I know on Facebook, and was writing to her about some of this. I told her I had a convergence of my twin info and timeline and a coordination with The Event.

I also see so many of us in a circle in the higher realms, soul sisters and brothers. I see us holding hands and smiling, and I see us feeling so very prepared for what is to come to us very, very soon! I know, it’s been “soon” for over four years, but especially since the 12/21/12. I understand. But I am feeling this coordination and convergence of my “stories” more at the heart level than ever before. I don’t think it is simply “wishful thinking.” My Seer Abilities are stronger than ever. I see AND feel these things in my high heart chakra, which expanded a bunch after just typing this.

I think we are very, very close.

I kind of hope so, because with the stuff that my twin has been posting and liking on his various accounts… ugh. The programming of abuse and the dysfunctional masculine energy is at a high with him right now. My soul knows that he is a victim of the programming as much as I am, maybe a little more because of the trauma in his background and the wounds to his various bodies (etheric, astral, physical) as well as the psychic damage he lives with. It’s pretty dark, so much so that I have been thinking and talking to my higher self (HS) and saying, “Nooooooooo, not THIS guy. Nope.” But we don’t get to choose the personality, do we. It just is, and they were choices we made at the soul level, so it is all Good. When I am in my heart, I Know. And it is fine.

I have to go now. I could write more and proofread, but no time at the moment. Must dash. I hope this helps my friend. I hope that my writing this helps me and my twin in the future.

All I can say in closing is, “Buckle up, Buttercup.”

Over and out.

Calliope the Muse



No April Fool

Who am I?

Welcome to what I think is my forty-eleventh blog in the blogsphere, but the first that I am writing anonymously because this is clearly going to be a totally Woo-Woo blog, and I would just as soon keep my known blogging identity separate from the Woo-Woo this is inevitably going to be. Now, I know that staying totally anonymous in this day and age is not really possible (I’d be very naive to think so), so if my other personas and this one get intertwined, so be it. But for now, I want to keep my identity under wraps as much as I can, and so I am defaulting to a name I gave myself about six years ago, “Calliope the Muse.” She was one of the nine Greek muses, and is described on Wikipedia with the following (footnotes and links removed — click the previous link to read the original article):

In Greek mythology, Calliope (/kəˈlaɪ.əpiː/ kə-LY-ə-pee; Ancient Greek: Καλλιόπη Kalliope “beautiful-voiced”) was the muse of epic poetry, daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, and is believed to be Homer’s muse, the inspiration for the Odyssey and the Iliad. One account says Calliope was the lover of the war god Ares, and bore him several sons… Calliope also had two famous sons, Orpheus and Linus, by either Apollo or the king Oeagrus of Thrace. She taught Orpheus verses for singing. She was the wisest of the Muses, as well as the most assertive. She married Oeagrus close to Pimpleia, Olympus. Calliope is always seen with a writing tablet in her hand. At times, she is depicted as carrying a roll of paper or a book or as wearing a gold crown.

I have a few things in common with Calliope, including a couple of sons, and I am often seen carrying a book (or Kindle, more recently). Plus there is this “writing thing” that I do, and especially on blogs. Mostly, though, I think she’s got a nice name, and I’m happy to have it as a pseudonym. I like to think that perhaps the spirit of Calliope is the one that has given me the name, and she smiles on me when I use it.

Why am I writing on this blog?

I have been struggling with what I shall label “The Ascension Process” knowingly and consciously for the past 5+ years. It started with what some might term a “Kundalini Awakening” beginning in late 2006, but I leaped upon stepping stones of intense spiritual growth up to this time. (Maybe more on my ideas as to what those terms mean in future posts.)

The other day, on April Fools Day, I watched the following video (I’m not upgrading this blog straight away to include the ability to embed videos, so you will have to click on the link to watch it): Pleiadian Message 2012 – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light. It was after reading the post on Denise LeFay’s blog, Transitions, called “The devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!” posted on March 27, 2012.

In the post, Denise shares the video called “UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact” by Bernard Guenther, blog owner of Piercing the Veil of Reality (the link to the post Denise references is here: UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact).

Here’s how Denise introduces the video:

The video is primarily about other-dimensional negative aliens/ETs (“Archons”) and physical humanity. Some of you might not enjoy hearing about Team Dark as I call them—the “Archons”, Reptilians, Draconians etc.—and how profoundly they affect us and our world. But it’s necessary that humanity knows more, much more about multidimensional reality especially now, and that simply includes knowing how Dark it really has been for humanity and whose [sic] behind it all.

I’m a pretty open-minded person and have been defining myself as a Lightworker for the past six years, although I recognize I was doing work as a Lightworker from long before 2006 (I just didn’t know there was a name for what it was I was doing or, rather, being). There’s a helluva story between 2006 and the present, and I don’t know how much I will get into it here, but I think it is one of the reasons that I am starting this blog. (So I am guessing I will probably get into it a lot, haha.)

To continue — I read that description of Denise’s and started to watch the video, but I have been having problems with my Internet connection of late, and it has been very hard to watch videos easily as they don’t download very fast (my download bitrate is equaling that of a dial-up modem, practically, at the moment. WAIT. I just checked here and yeah, actually, see the 2400 baud. That’s about where we are at during certain times. It’s an ongoing issue that does not warrant me getting into here. Point is: it’s tough to stream vids from YouTube and other online sources).

Then I kept falling asleep while watching the video.

Between not being able to watch the whole video and then getting tired and conking out as I was trying to watch, I kind of said to myself, “This whole alien thing is a tough pill to swallow” and decided that I needed more proof.

I’m open-minded, like I wrote, but this is the kind of stuff that stretches open-mindedness, you know? This is “I’m a paranoid schizophrenic who is making myself a tinfoil hat and talking to the voices in my head” kind of nutty stuff.

But it is the kind of stuff that will not leave me alone, and again and again I keep coming back to how the Ascension of the planet and alien beings connect.

Yes, Virginia, I am going to the tinfoil hat place.

The existence of alien beings & their role in my life

I don’t have the kind of hubris that would state “Earth is the only habitable planet in the galaxy, or in the universe, for that matter, and we are the only species in the galaxy and the universe.” Ever since I watched one of my heroes, Dr. Carl Sagan, on the PBS show “Cosmos” back when it originally aired in 1980 (I was 12) explain that out of the “billions and billions” of stars in our galaxy and the galaxies around us, we would have to be kind of stupid to think we are the only living beings (my total paraphrase of what I remember him saying), I have understood in the probability of alien life. I also believe in the existence of alien craft and have had a fascination with UFOs since I was a young child. It is not a stretch for me to think that there is alien life that has visited the planet.

But I never before put 2+2 together with not only the existence of UFOs and alien life, but also a nefarious alien agenda AND my process of being a Lightworker undergoing Ascension (which I have merely understood up to now to be holding love and light to increase my vibratory frequency to help this planet evolve — all of this happening via doing my own inner work to clear my personal and karmic issues so that I could indeed hold that higher frequency).

I do now.

Yes, I want more proof. After being involved in mainline religion (in a rather fundamental and conservative way — something I now understand may in fact be an “alien agenda” in itself), and after going through experiences in the past six years that leave me mistrustful of my process and how my Higher Self has been guiding me, I am cautious.

But watching the videos I have in the past couple of days, along with a sense since January 1 of this year of “going live” or “going online” with the re-wiring of the inner work that has been transforming me, I have to say as of April 1 of this year, I understand that there is an alien battle for the planet and that my role as a Lightworker is to do the following (as Denise wrote in comments on her blog post):

It seems an almost impossible task for us Starseeds/Lightworker who volunteered to come here and enter this density and timeline and do all we can to shift everything.

The super-duper condensed answer is…as we EMBODY and ANCHOR the new higher frequency energetic blueprints or “templates” in our physical bodies and beings and live it, BE it in this “Now Moment”, that is how we override all of the false, inorganic BS and distortions Team Dark has done to humanity, their bodies and minds, and earth. It comes down to us embodying and by doing that we literally insert the NEW higher blueprints or templates into this timeline and make them available energetically to the rest of humanity.

That is the most important sentence I’ve ever written. Seriously.

And we all need to realize that 2012 is Just Do It time because Team Dark is throwing everything they’ve got at us to stop or prevent or override us from doing this now. Time’s short. Because of this 2012 won’t be an easy or safe year for Starseeds/Lightworkers but we knew the end of this Process wouldn’t be easy and that Team Dark wouldn’t just lay down and let us have our way! They will fight us to the bitter end and we need to get over this and just do what we do and stay as protected as we can while we do it!

Going online

For months now, I have understood that in my brain, mind, body, soul, spirit — my Being in the 3D, 4D and beyond — is “going online.” My inner guidance has been saying this to me for a long while, and I get that it is this year that “All systems are GO” (especially after the Spring Equinox, when I kept hearing directly about “going online” and how it was happening that week).

What was very amusing to me was in the past 48 hours as I have been learning and figuring out more and more about what the alien agenda on Earth means and my involvement in being in the rebellion against it, is that I also figured out I am to literally GO ONLINE with what I am experiencing! I have had a good laugh about that. As Denise writes, this is JUST DO IT time, and I understand that one of my roles is to once again start a blog and write about this stuff. It’s definitely where I feel my heart right now.

I have to say that I have started and abandoned blogs — or, maybe more accurately, started blogs which then stopped when they morphed into another blog about separate topic. This may be a morphing of energy into this project, or I may still be dividing my time between this and other writing I do.

I’m not 100% sure what is going to come of this one. I just know that I needed to GO ONLINE and get this stuff down so that others out there may read and understand that they are not alone, and they are not nuts. Some intelligent, sane, really relatively normal people believe and have experienced some remarkable things, and the WEIRD is definitely not done yet.

I wonder if Hunter S. Thompson had lived if 2012 would have gotten weird enough for him. I guess we’ll have to see just how weird it gets!

Live long and prosper.

Calliope the Muse