Well, sometimes we can be wrong…

I’ve got to head in to my job in just a few, so this will be short. In my prior post “Oh bother” I described how ashamed I was feeling for having some kind of weird connection to YouTuber Dude (I need to think of another nickname… but let’s go with YTD for now) and it’s because I have triggers around so many things. The whole situation has made me feel like a pre-teen. My higher self is also throwing into the mix as she led me to a blog post he’d written where I wrote a comment so long it wouldn’t be accepted by the comment field, and I felt compelled to send another email.

(I can see you shaking your head in that way that indicates I’m nuts and thinking, “Why did she do that?”)

I explained in the email I was starting to feel like a stalker. The irony was that his post was about someone who had accused him of the same, and so I wrote a plea within the email to say to please not think of me in that way. (In my defense, I really had information from “above” to share, guided by HS & Co. and it wasn’t all ego-driven. Not to say that some of it wasn’t! I’m in a body on this planet, so yeah. There is ego in *everything.*)

The comment/message was about how I can clearly see this person YTD is a twin from the things he had written. (But I wrote about 5,000 more words to say that, lol.)

I emailed it off and actually got a very nice reply saying that he appreciates the honest thoughts, and happy that the content he has (books, videos, etc.) is awakening things for me, and how he genuinely appreciates the feedback. He also said that he’s take a closer look when he is not so busy and respond when he gets a chance.

Apparently in Guy Speak, sometimes “I’m busy” just means “I’m busy.”

Dammit, but I have a lot of shadow work to do still, lol. Taking a good look at what is being mirrored from other people is a pain in the ass. As I suppose it should be. (It’s kind of the point, isn’t it.)

Time to run, but I wanted to set the record straight that I was wrong about the YTD not giving a shit. I’m sorry, YTD. I have a lot of triggers. *sigh*

More later, I am sure.

Over and out.

Calliope the Muse

6 thoughts on “Well, sometimes we can be wrong…

  1. Just posted a comment at Denise and saw there your comments … and had quick look here 🙂

    “I have a lot of triggers. *sigh*” … me too … and I am sorry sometimes too

    … also on an other perspective … as child I was not aware yet and tooked then all in as “truth” what I was told … so it feels a bit wrong to blame it “all” on “me” as I AM now … that 95% of subconscious stuff …
    … also I accept that it is up to me now to clean-it-up that mess … by becoming more and more conscious … and by that letting it all go, that what is not loving to me … and that “false identifications”

    I love Dr. Joe Dispenza’s saying … “To change your personal reality … you have to change your personality!”

    YAY … I want to become my true~pure~source~self

    All the best,

    1. Glad you had a look around, Stefan. Thanks for the feedback. I realized it’s been a few months since I updated here! Lots has changed. Things are continually changing & in flux.

      Be well,

      1. Dankeschön CtM _/\_

        “Things are continually changing & in flux. ” … Mmm … TRUE things are ALIVE … isn’t it ~~~ beautiful ~~~


      2. How else … can we unify the polarities ???

        … then to experience them … “All at once” … to RISE in LOVE above it ALL

        SAME ~ SAME

        wild is beautiful 😉

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