Calliope the Muse:

Oh my goodness, this is what I have been experiencing, and it has not stopped yet, “unbearable shoulder joint pain…” At least this gives some good explanation as to why. :) Thank you, as always, Denise.

Originally posted on TRANSITIONS:

800x600 lightbeing portal First I want to Thank everyone for your well-wishes and positive energies sent my way over the past very difficult thirty-some days. Gratitude hugs to each and every one of you. ♥

When this phase started for me around July 15, 2012 I perceived “Thirty days”, meaning that it would take me at least thirty days/nights of living through this latest process. My first thought was, “Oh crap! Thirty days of this level of physical pain?” But many of us have been through far worse multiple times and for much longer already, but this time was a case of me needing to physically surrender into this situation continuously which was, at times, hard for me. I was grateful to know that the intense physical pain of this particular phase of energetic Work would come to an end in about one month. It would have been extra brutal to go through…

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