Where am I at these days?

the view from my bedroom window

Greetings, Voyagers.

This is the view from the bedroom where I am currently staying. I liked in the photo how the sunlight refracted through the amethyst I have on the windowsill (maybe an orb there?). I’ve been letting the amethyst charge, and like those stickers people used to place in windows that said, in French, “ICI” to alert firefighters there were people, especially children, in rooms where the windows were, I keep the crystals there not only for protection, but as a signal to the galactic “firefighters” to say “ICI, I’m Here.” They are next to a solar-powered, crank-operated weather radio I found in the room when I moved in. Nice, huh. And that is “crank” as in “hand-turning device” not something else, haha. Because of those stickers, “ICI” was the first French word I ever learned. At present, I know many more French words, but don’t know how often I will have to practice them these days.

More on that in a moment.

If you notice in the photo, the Colorado sky is hazy and the sun is causing the clouds to glow pink. It’s almost time for sunset. Chemtrail action? No. I did see a little of that here a week or so ago, but the haze here is due to this:

esri fire map – click pic for direct to link (it changes day to day. this is a screen shot from August 15, 2012)

See how the west is burning? What we have in Colorado is the haze from the smoke blowing our way.

I have regularly been tuning into these two guys on YouTube:



They report on planet Earth activity and other events, but have lately been focused on solar interactions and earthquakes. Often HAARP stuff, too. I wish they would share more about the fires going on, but perhaps other stories are just likely to get more attention right now. I was not even aware that there were so many fires until a family member told me that the unusually hazy skies were because the western U.S. is ablaze. It even smells like smoke outside. Very faint whiffs breeze through the window when the wind is blowing just so.

So where am I now and what am I doing?

Well, here is my woo-woo take on what’s been going on.

Alas. I just spent about three hours writing 3,000 words. I realized re-reading the story I wrote so far that I don’t know if I can post the information here, yet. I’ve saved it, but it is not getting posted here just now.

I can say this much. I had been living in the E.U. for four years until just two weeks ago. A child custody and child support issue in my life could no longer be ignored. My passport was taken by the U.S. government in May because I owe a huge amount of support in Colorado. There is a Federal law from 1996 that says they can do this.

The way the agreement got settled is very spurious, and involves a huge story that is very complicated.

I have had to leave my twin flame and husband back in the E.U. I have no job here. I have a place to live thanks to my first ex-husband, not the one with whom I have this problem (that’s ex No.2). I need legal assistance I am not sure how to get because I have no job and no savings and no idea of where to find a free lawyer. I’ve tried. I keep getting rejections. I know there must be one out there somewhere, but I don’t know where to look.

It is no coincidence that these things reached a peak a mere six weeks after my discovering there are such things as Archons, and that there is an entire system that keeps us entrapped. They are doing this in a last-ditch effort to try to take me out.

But I am now at a critical point where if something does not shift or move soon, I feel I am lost.

Please understand I have just spent over three hours reliving the past, and all the crazy stuff that has happened to me. I’m tired, and I have been in pain in my left shoulder for WEEKS, and it just keeps getting worse. I know, I know. I know why, but for the life of me, I can’t solve the issue yet.

All at the moment feels pressured and dark. I feel like there is no way out, which is exactly how I know it is *them* that is manipulating this, right?

Yes, I entertained for two minutes how sweet it would be to just end it here. I admit I gave in and fantasized for a moment how easy it could be to swallow some pills, go to sleep, and not wake up. But that is truthfully a completely selfish and horrible idea, and I do not want my son to be the one to find me, and I know he would be the one. I will not do that to him and to the rest that love me. I won’t give into the ankle biters who are exacerbating this situation. Bastards.

I’m just saying that I want to be released from that which I feel my higher self got me into, by my trusting her, and following her and my heart. That’s ultimately why I am in this situation. I trusted the one I thought was my divine guidance, along with my own heart. Maybe it was really them. I just don’t know right now.

What I do know is that I need a solution to this problem quite seriously, and soon. If it gets worse, I could be imprisoned, no joke. I don’t really think they would do that to me (meaning: the state or a judge — they want me to get a job and pay the huge amount, not just languish in jail. And it seems a huge amount to me because I literally have nothing right now. A couple hundred dollars in the bank, truly. The amount I owe could just about buy an E-class Mercedes Sedan).

So there you go. It’s why I sit here and type in a small room in Colorado, and no longer in the E.U. I know there could be very many good reasons for why I am here, but things are getting bleaker by the moment, and I need release. So many Lightworkers do.

Please, something has got to give.

That’s all I can muster for the moment. I’m going to try to get some sleep now.

Your (somewhat discouraged at the moment),



7 thoughts on “Where am I at these days?

  1. oh sigh….my heart goes to you. I’m having conversations with only one person who sees the archontic persuasion happening as we speak. In my case, someone tell me why!?? why I have to walk around here and patrol a neighborhood from the males who are robbing and breaking into peoples homes, vandalizing and writing things like “broke bitches” on the walls of the many homes they steal from? why? do I, a light seed woman have be on a daily lookout to drive around looking for suspicious guys??? where are the real protectors who are ”supposed” to be doing this?? but most importantly…..why in god’s name is ANYONE on this planet at this time in human history still having to protect itself from men??

    It really needs to be over….completely over. This is not life.

    1. Hi Lady,

      I feel the power of your comment, and totally get it. Actually your comment makes my heart soar (even tho’ it is about this kind of negative stuff) because I keep thinking, “Maybe this is all in my head and I am fooling myself!!!” But to read that you experience it, too, and that it is a lot of masculine power that is being stimulated by the archons (I capitalized them before, but like to use lower case as much as possible, lol) helps me to understand I am not alone, and this is not in my head, this is real.

      My beloved 16 yr old son with whom I am living now is being used somewhat, too, although he is a starseed that does not know it, yet. It’s so frustrating to watch this kind of thing happen and have to stand up against it over and over.

      I can understand that sometimes a “hands off” approach is good for someone to grow, like in the case of an alcoholic who is allowed to really hit “rock bottom” without interference so he or she can understand the deep need for sobriety. I understand how co-dependence can get in the way of someone recovering. Maybe that is one reason we have been left to our own devices for so long.

      But like you, I am screaming internally these days, “WHAT THE EEEFFFFFFFF?!?!?” and wondering why this cannot be moving forward more rapidly.

      I guess I know there is movement. If I tune in, turn on, and drop out, or maybe that should be “drop in” lol, and “tune out” (as in tuning out the 3D and dropping into the 5D), then I am sensitive to it.


      I got this far before a phone call from my friend interrupted, and then I also had to call my ex’s lawyer for information regarding the fact that I need to get a phone number of the therapist who will arrange a meetup with my son.

      OMG, talking with that lawyer just SKEEVED ME OUT!! Talk about the a’s mind control. ICK. I keep hearing Lisa Renee saying in my head to “maintain neutrality,” lol, and not react to this weird stuff, haha. But it is kind of astounding the first few times you have to encounter this level with eyes wide open. It’s kind of like, “Holy hell! This really IS happening!!!”

      I’m taken a little aback more than anything. I will quickly get back to a neutral place, protect my space, oh no, wait, it’s command my space, and connect to my soul.

      Thank you, Lady. I’m so glad to know that we are in this together with all the others who see and feel what is really going on.

      I’ll stay strong if you will. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my dear Calliope !
    My heart goes out to you. You are in a true Perfect Storm. Whom or whatever it was created by and from, is not as important as your release. It is a Gordian Knot situation. I have been there in the past, with my own Perfect Storm. I know. I know what you are feeling and experiencing. There is no unraveling it, it must be sliced through, severed with one blow, to set you free. What is the answer ? Your Higher Self knows. Please trust that somehow and in someway the answer will come quickly. A rich uncle somewhere, an extravagantly paying job – something will come your way. Know it and feel it. I will hold a vision for you as well. You will be in my heart and prayers. Yes, Stay Strong. We are One.
    Much Love and a Huge Hug (((xoxoxo)))

    1. Anya,

      Thank you so much for the huge hug and love.

      What is the answer ? Your Higher Self knows. Please trust that somehow and in someway the answer will come quickly.

      Indeed. The amazing thing is, when I am rested and sane and out of pain (and HEY, just after the Denise LeFay article on Transitions posted, the one I reblogged here, the shoulder pain ABATED. An interesting synchronicity…), I can remember how I have been brought down again and again in this death-like process (death to the ego and birth to the spiritual being), I have seen over and over the blessings in it. But there is an adjustment period of becoming used to the further depths of what my friend and I call “deep sea diving” and connecting with the higher self. I know it is to shed what remains here, and yet while still in the body. I know there is a part of myself that is untouched, but getting accustomed to those deeper places is hard.

      I’m trying to hold a vision of a positive outcome, right now focusing less on the finances of this all, and more on the reunification with my son, a vastly more important thing than money.

      Thank you for holding this positively in your thoughts. It means the world to me to know that I am supported by others. I know there will be a time for me to support as well, and it is a lovely exchange.

      My chin is up today. We’ll see how it goes as things move along, lol, but for NOW I feel better having released this on the page, and let go of it from my body. πŸ™‚

      Thank you, Anya.
      Love and Light to you.

  3. I’m too pooped to say much more than… I have been thinking about you Calliope, I am glad that you are ok. I just wanted to send you a huge hug. If I come up with any bright ideas that I think that you haven’t already thought of and that can really help I’ll be sure to let you know.

    Love you friend!

    1. Thank you so much, GiGi, I appreciate the love, very much. I love the community of people online, ones whose intuitive abilities and compassion have aligned to support one another. It’s been so helpful. Can’t wait for the 5D vegetarian BBQ, lol. πŸ™‚ Maybe we will all be dining on just light and love at that point, who knows, haha.

      I hope that you are hanging in there, too. We’ve all been quite challenged by the energies this year, and it just keeps going, huh. I know I wrote something like that earlier this year already! Rest as much as you can. πŸ™‚

      Hey, just a “word up,” I am reading Denise LeFay’s “A Lightworker’s Mission” right now and enjoying it SO much. I know how much you like her, too, and wanted to let you know it is excellent, if you have not read it already.

      Love to you, GiGi. Stay strong!

  4. Hi Calliope,
    Great to hear you’re feeling up today – did you happen to notice the sabian symbol for the new moon ? “After a heavy storm, a rainbow appears”. Let’s energize that this new moon cycle will indeed bring some relief, to you and many others – well, heck – to ALL of us ! πŸ™‚ It seems that Spirit has required us to shed much – in fact all – of our old selves. We who are holding this ascension and 5D flame are passing through this at different points in time. I have already been through it, and was blessed to receive the support that I needed to get through it. It is then in fact a joy, if this support can then be payed forward to another, just as you yourself mentioned.
    I see you with your son. It is a scene filled with laughter and love. Feel him in your arms, wipe away the tears of joy, and breathe him in. He is with you now, and will be forevermore.
    Much love

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