I’m trying the reblog thing out. Please go to the original link, too — see the bottom of the post. I’m listening to Steve Winwood now & crying! Way to bring me back to 18, exactly 26 years ago this month, when this song was topping the charts. And this classic line: “The truth Will set you free, tho at first it may piss you off.” No kidding!

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Well, since this Poof message is so short, the Highlights are essentially that same as what Poof wrote. But no matter.

My sense is, with this “Short and Sweet” post, Poof is telling us that the Grand Transition is right at our feet. (Hey, that’s my sense; it could happen…)


  • Regardless, of the ‘he’s crazy’, ‘never gonna happen’, ‘this is just a cyclical thing’ and ‘the hate monger’ folks the the veil will be parted.
  • As you walk forward from here remember those who remembered you thru this war.
  • Say thanks as you go thru each day in freedom.
  • …there will be a short respite, then the real work will begin. That’s the remaking of everything you see before your eyes.
  • The truth Will set you free, tho at first it may piss you off.


Songwriters: JENNINGS, WILL / WINWOOD, Steve Winwood

Think about it, there must…

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  1. HA! I was just playing this song and reading this blog post on “What’s the real truth?” funny…we ARE in sync!


      1. WE really are….that is SO cool! It’s like we are really forming a team or something. I haven’t been this busy reading and responding to messages in probably EVER and we are all along the same lines.

        Enjoy your higher love!


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